Sunday, July 24, 2011

Been a way for a while . . .

life has interruped. I am now in the 4th Unit of CPE and am frantically wondering about my future . . . I still believe that God has a plan for me, but am wondering exactly what it is?

I have begun to second guess myself . . . I thought chaplaincy was my new calling, but I am feeling a call to be back in the local church as a partner in ministry with a congregation who is foreward thinking and progressive and feels the urge to follow Jesus into the mission field. So have been updating my "resume" and looking on-line for churches that might fit that bill.

There is one in New Orleans, but I just don't know . . . would we be a good fit . . . I don't know, but I think we might . . . if anyone is reading this please join me in prayer that God directs my path as I look for where God is calling me to serve God's people in my future . . . and speaking through anxiety, pray that it will be soon.

Grace and peace,