Monday, March 7, 2011

Unit 2 ends . . .

It is hard to believe that I am now 1/2 through Clinical Pastoral Education . . . it has been really hard work . . . not the physical work although this is emotionally hard . . . the hard part is the internal work that is so intimately connected to doing CPE.

It is frustrating also . . . some of the folks in the program are so resistant to the internal work . . . so resistant that they, even, work hard to keep others from doing that work.

I am also in the process of beginning the "job" search . . . this was/is a year of discernment . . . whether I would return to the church in a ministry role or whether I would seek secular employment as a chaplain . . . although I think I am being called to the later, I am still open . . . the photo speaks volume of how I feel most days . . . perhaps as an associate pastor for pastoral care . . . life is always, imho, about discerning God's path so in a sense life, at least for me, is always a little confusing.

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